Last week, elements of SoundCloud’s Premier monetization program came under fire in an exclusive investigative report from the Verge. The report stated that many of the elements of the contract were downright bad for artists.

In response to the widespread criticism of the contract, SoundCloud has updated the terms and made it more clear and relevant to today’s standards.

“While nothing changes in the way we operate the program,” SoundCloud said in an email to Your EDM, we’ve updated the original agreement to ensure it’s clear, and removed any language that may be unnecessary in the open service we have now. This includes the removal of the outdated covenant not to sue language that was part of our previous invite-only agreement.”

SoundCloud continues in a blog post entitled “Clarifying the SoundCloud Premier agreement”:

To be clear, this updated agreement does not change the way we already operate SoundCloud Premier today:

  • You retain all of the rights to your content
  • You receive a pro rata share of 55% of net revenue
  • You are paid for each calendar month within 45 days of the end of that month, regardless of how much you earn
  • You have the freedom to exit the program whenever you wish, and can always use any other platform alongside SoundCloud
  • As with any change to SoundCloud Terms of Use, you will be notified two weeks before we make any changes to this agreement so you can review the changes and agree to them

You can see the full revised contract provided to Verge by Golf Clap below.