It’s incredibly easy to be smitten with Rosalie Cunnigham, widely known as the former front woman to English psychedelic band, Purson. She’s charismatic, beautiful beyond words, flawlessly talented, and has the conviction of a gold medalist. So it’s no surprise that she’ll be taken matters into her own hands, and officially announced a solo album coming in early 2019 via a pledge campaign.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, but enjoy powerful women doing something awesome, get to know Rosalie’s art quickly, because she really is a star in the making. Check out her Facebook message below concerning the announcement, and head on over to the pledge page right here, where you can pre-order the album.

“Today I launch my PledgeMusic campaign for my new self-titled album, released early 2019, but I promise to make a couple of songs available to you before then to keep you satiated. The record is at the finishing touches stage now and I am over the moon with it. I know you will be too! Here I invite you to be a part of it’s journey out into the big wide world. The music industry is a crazy, complex circus that can bamboozle the fuck out of artists and fans alike. Let’s cut out the middle man and nurture this symbiotic relationship!”

See more Rosalie Cunnigham photos from Stefan Raduta right here.

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