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The Rosé All Day box with Macari Vineyards Rosé,  20 oysters, and leather wine storage.
The Rosé All Day box with Macari Vineyards Rosé,  20 oysters, and leather wine storage.

Image: robb vices

Did seeing pictures from The Royal Wedding have you feeling like a damn peasant? Because same.

If you’re trying to be treated like royalty too, up your fancy game big time with a Robb Vices luxury subscription box to give you a monthly dose of that good life. 

If you’re wondering what we mean by “fancy,” just think about that video of Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson) drinking whiskey by a fireplace. The monthly box from Robb Vices is basically that in subscription box form.

We’re talking top shelf alcohol, luxury kitchenware, cigars, leather accessories, artisan food samples, and more — one month’s box had a literal record player and a record. The creators (from Robb Report magazine) refer to these curated items as “vices,” picked especially for you to have a unique experience for whatever type of connoisseur you are.

Each box has a fun theme, too. Sometimes it’ll be geared toward the specific month or season (last August’s was called “Sun Salute,” which came  with a pair of gold-plated aviators, natural mineral sunscreen, and BBQ sauces) or may be a more general theme like “The Art of Being a Gentleman.” They’ll also throw in a nice little booklet filled with fun stuff like food or drink recipes.

Yes, that’s a Bluetooth speaker pictured above and yes, that’s pair of over-the-ear headphones. Both look expensive AF and were in boxes from 2017. Robb Vices partners with premium brands, which is how they’re able to get their hands on such nice stuff for you.

You can apply and prepay for one of four plans: Month-to-month for $99.95/month, three months for $94.95/month, six months for $89.95/month, or one year for $84.95/month. (Before you say “That sounds a little pricey,” remember that the value of each box is like, two to five times more than what you’re paying.) Besides, you’re a baller — time to act like one.

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