Sudden arrival… Elsa turning up spells disaster for Nick

He’s barely been back five minutes and already Nick Tilsley’s tying himself up in knots in Coronation Street – and it looks like Carla could be on to him, reveals Ben Prince, who plays him.

Nick’s trying to reunite with Leanne, patch things up with his family, and keep the life that he’s been leading in Nottingham at bay.

Next week, it’s Carla’s turn to question Nick’s motives as he’s become his ex’s business partner at Underworld.

“Carla is smart,” says Ben Price, who has returned to play Nick. “She recognises that Nick isn’t always altruistic as she’s like that, too.”

Ben adds: “He and Leanne work on a different level, whereas with Carla, it’s a bit more of game.”

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor and Elsa come face to face

Cost chat: What will Carla and Elsa discover in Coronation Street? Looks like Nick will have some explaining to do in Weatherfield…

When Carla decides to look into Nick’s affairs, it’s not long until she’s on the website of his Nottingham restaurant and finds out he co-owns the place with someone called Elsa! Is this the mysterious ‘E’ who keeps calling Nick?

When Carla says she’s off to Nottingham, Nick claims Elsa is the wife of a friend, and he became the co-owner of the restaurant as a favour.

Carla seems to swallow it, so Nick turns his attentions to Leanne, who’s warming to the idea of reuniting. Nick tells her he’s fully committed, but needs to tie up a few loose ends back in Nottingham first.

But then Elsa suddenly shows up! Carla’s intrigued to spot her and Nick heading to the Bistro, so with Nick busy, she grabs his keys. A find in his car then sends a spooked Carla reeling – all the more so when Elsa approaches for “a chat”… Has Nick been telling lies?

Coronation Street continues this Wednesday at 7.30pm on ITV.