If Cain confessed – wrongly! – to killing Joe, Debbie might murder him, reveals Charley

Life’s never easy for Debbie Dingle, and over the coming weeks, she has a head full of problems, including the fact she could get sent to prison for her involvement in the acid attack on Ross Barton.

“If Debbie is convicted, she’ll go to prison for a long time and her kids would be on the outside,” says Charley Webb, who plays her. “So she wouldn’t cope well.”

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Cain and Graham stand over Joe Tate

If circumstances had been different, Debbie would have Joe’s support. Had things gone to plan, they’d be married now. But Joe mysteriously bolted and Debbie has no idea where he is.

“Joe just went on their wedding day,” adds Charley in an interview with TV Times. “He’s out there, and she wants answers. She thinks Cain is behaving a bit oddly but she doesn’t think the two things are linked. This is a low point in her life and I’m not sure things could get any worse.”

Oh yes, they could! Because Cain is a bubbling cauldron of guilt, wrongly believing that he murdered Joe.

If he was to “confess” to his daughter that he did away with the love of her life, the pair’s relationship would surely never be the same again.

“I think Debbie would be most angry that Cain let her believe Joe walked out on her,” adds Charley. “I don’t know if she’d forgive him… She might kill him!”

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