Had to make this a bit longer than Vol 1,don’t blame me! blame Elevation for making so many amazing songs.I’ve included some older ones and live versions that are truly stunning .I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.GBY!!

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1.I Can’t Believe(Here As In Heaven)
2.There Is a Cloud(There Is a Cloud)
3.O Come To The Altar(Here As In Heaven)
4.Let Us Adore(Wake Up The Wonder)
5.Lifted High(Nothing Is Wasted)
6.For The Lamb(Wake Up The Wonder)
7.I Will Look Up(Only King Forever)
8.The King Is Among Us(Wake Up The Wonder)
9.Blessed Assurance(Only King Forever)
10.In Your Presence(Nothing Is Wasted)
11.None(There Is A Cloud)
12.Open Up Our Eyes(Nothing Is Wasted)
13.Look How He Lifted Me(Wake Up The Wonder)
14.Grace Like A Wave(Here As In Heaven)
15.Oh Sing!(There Is a Cloud)
16.Your Promises(Wake Up The Wonder)
17.Ever Glorious(Wake Up The Wonder)
18.I Love You Lord(Wake Up The Wonder)
19.Mighty Cross(There Is a Cloud)
20.Yours(Glory and Praise-Acoustic Version(There Is a Cloud)
21.Here In The Presence(There Is a Cloud)

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