This week on The CW’s Arrow, three different sets of heroes set out on missions, only to encounter some big surprises along the way.

SWISS AMISS | First off, there was Diggle, Lyla and Curtis, who traveled to Switzerland to stake out a bank that funnels a lot of criminal money. Using a forged painting laced with nanotechnology, Dig and Lyla posed as a couple looking to safely stow their valuable art, while Curtis in a van outside spoofed the bank’s files. It was a close call, as bandwidth interference slowed the download, but Dig and Lyla wrapped their business before an appraiser could blow up their op. After Curtis informed John that the “interference” he ran into must have been Lyla cloning the data in real-time, Dig spied on his wife as she handed off said intel to a shady someone. Confronted, Lyla explained that she learned that a lot of money from very bad people was flowing through that bank, and after her interest in the case was waved off by superiors, she opted to go behind ARGUS’ back.

“There’s more evil in the world than there are people to find it,” she argued. “Sometimes you have to cross the line for the greater good.” Dig later apologized to Lyla for accusing her of worse — in what was a rather out-of-character moment, where instead he probably would have just inquired, “So, what’s your play?” — and expressed his concern that she’s dabbling in dangerous waters, with young JJ back home. It’s because of JJ that she must do this, she explained.

IT’S ELEMENTARY, DEAR WATSON | Felicity called Agent Watson on the carpet, asking why the FBI doesn’t seem to be upholding its end of the bargain with Oliver, by hunting Diaz. Watson claims that Diaz is still a priority, but has fallen to No. 27 on their Most Wanted list. Felicity points out all that she has lost because of the deal, and all that Oliver has given in the name of protecting the city. When Watson tries to bump the case up the ladder but is rebuffed, she agrees to help Felicity, Rene and Dinah act on some new intel, about Diaz’s planned raid of the CDC. All clad in FBI jackets, they talk their way into the CDC to set a trap for Diaz, planning to remotely lock him inside the room containing the biocompound he aims to steal. But after they watch Diaz, Dart and Kodiak just breeze into the place, Felicity realizes that something sonic is blocking her access to the security system. Suspecting it is Silencer, Dinah heads to the basement to neutralize the interference, while Watson and Rene get into fisticuffs with Dart and Kodiak.

After securing the biocompound, Diaz shoots up the place, releasing gasses that cloak his, Dart and Kodiak’s exit. Rene meanwhile chases after Silencer, after Dinah is pinned down by toppled equipment. The off-book mission a bust, Watson is reassigned to a desk job in D.C., but she has no regrets about helping out Felicity, with whom she shares a certain professional respect. Later, we realize that Felicity withheld one small detail from her FBI gal pal: Rene actually caught Silencer, whom they now have shackled in a boiler room somewhere. As for what Diaz stole, we see him reveal to Dart and Kodiak that his patience, after suffering so much pain after his series finale tumble into the river, has paid off — as he has whipped up a serum that gives him superstrength!

Arrow Recap 7x03DEMON HUNTER | Meanwhile at Slabside, Oliver pressed Brick to fulfill his end of the deal they made, now that Yorke has been removed from the prison. Brick hedges, saying that he knows nothing about Diaz, but that the hoosegow’s true kingpin, dubbed “Demon,” does. Oliver asks for a meet with Demon, but instead walks into a trap, where Bronze Tiger plans to deliver a lethal beatdown. Oliver — despite having just stabbed himself! — holds his own and gains the upper hand, then forces Bronze Tiger to get him into Brick’s “invitation-only” party in the mess hall. There, he walks into a “fight club,” where the next match will pit no less than the Green Arrow against Sampson. Oliver — despite having just stabbed himself! — pulls off some nifty moves to pin down Sampson. He then clambers up to where Brick is observing the fights, and demands to see Demon now. Brick explains that Demon is holed away on “Level 2,” with “the worst of the worst.” So to get himself sent down there, Oliver non-lethally whales on several guards, then surrenders himself to the arriving backup.

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