Imagine if your favorite anime characters from various shows found themselves in another (other other?) world. Imagine all the ridiculous antics and themes from amazing anime coming together in a crossover special. Now imagine if that crossover was just a few months away from airing. Excited yet? Good, because ISEKAI QUARTET has all of that and then some.

For those confused by the name and underlying anime genre, let’s break down isekai a bit. The word, within the context of anime and light novels, refers to fantasy stories in new worlds. Shows that are isekai generally begin by introducing a protagonist with a relatively normal life. Then, via some strange, mystical circumstance (dying, a summoning, or a powerful VR gaming headset, for example), they find themselves elsewhere. The new world almost immediately will present some issue to be solved for them. The series eventually chronicles the protagonist’s adventures in the new world. More specifically, it highlights how they reconcile their old life with their new, fantasy one.

RE: ZERO characters from the ISEKAI QUARTET PV
Rem and Ram don’t trust strange new things in the mansion! | Image: YouTube

ISEKAI QUARTET takes four iconic isekai light novel series and merges them into one stellar combination. ISEKAI QUARTET features KONOSUBA – GOD’S BLESSING ON THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD, RE: ZERO – STARTING LIFE IN ANOTHER WORLD, OVERLORD, and SAGA OF TANYA THE EVIL. If you couldn’t tell from the titles alone, these are all heavy hitting isekai series, each popular in their own right. Together, they’re even better.

A New PV!

ISEKAI QUARTET is a puchi-chara style anime, featuring small, cute versions of its component characters. While that means it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing the massive fights of shows like OVERLORD or KONOSUBA, strong content will still be around. You can check out the PV here, courtesy of YouTube:

The characters of ISEKAI QUARTET, within their own worlds, each find a strange button one day. Pressing it brings them together into the world of the crossover. Thus far, we don’t know much beyond that. Even within the video, most content is the characters speculating about the button’s origins. But, the concept alone is pretty exciting to see.

Strange Worlds Collide in ISEKAI QUARTET!

ISEKAI QUARTET is set to air in Spring of 2019. Based on its staff and look, it will certainly be great. The staff includes writer and director Minoru Ashina as well as animation director Minoru Takahara. The two were behind the absolute hilarious puchi-chara versions of RE:ZERO, so it’s likely there will be some influence there. We’ll be sure to be seeing even more news on the series in the months to come. You can see the series’ first PV here.

Personally, I’m just excited to see if Rem and Ram will prove they’re far better anime twins than Mare and Aura. What are you most excited to see in ISEKAI QUARTET? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image from Twitter.